Wishy-Washy Creation

This short video interview with Matt Perman calls attention to the theological problem with vocational dualism, namely, that it usually starts with a wishy-washy doctrine of creation. I know that my own Kuyperian appreciation for the “things of earth” had its genesis when I began to study the first few chapters of Genesis.

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Meet the Generation Bringing Back Entrepreneurship in America ⇒

The entrepreneurial spirit of the Millennial generation celebrates values Christianity holds dear: risk taking (leaps of faith), creativity (Imago Dei), and impacting the world for greater good (kingdom advancing).

It may be too much to say of an entire generation, but this article should encourage the rising number of Christians who believe that it matters that Christ is Lord over every thumb’s width in the world.

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Grumpiness ⇒

The cure for a cranky soul begins by repenting, by realizing that my moodiness is a demand that my life have a certain shape. Surrendering to the life that my Father has given me always puts me under the shelter of his wings. That leaves me whole again, and surprisingly cheerful.

Dane Ortlund shares even more context for this quote from Paul Miller’s book, A Loving Life: In a World of Broken Relationships.

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