The Government of Stability

We’ve been reading Brave New World in Omnibus the last couple weeks, and eww, and ouch, and it’s provoked some thoughts for our communion mediation. The goal of the gospel is more than stability, it is unity. While it’s true that those who fear the Lord will be like well-rooted trees, ready for both storms … Continue reading The Government of Stability

Running List

Here’s a running list of books I’m reading/I’ve read, most of which I read while running on my treadmill. You could also read my longer reviews on Goodreads. Here’s my running list review scale: 5 – I want to reread this book immediately. 4 – You should definitely read this book. 3 – I’m glad … Continue reading Running List

Rabbits with Greek Names

We finish our Omnibus class discussion on The Histories: The Landmark Herodotus in the morning. The long intestines of Herodotus measure more than 700 pages followed by 21 appendices and a hundred more pages of indeces. The rabbit trails in this book get more attention than the timeline, but I don’t want to split hares. … Continue reading Rabbits with Greek Names