June 29, 2006

Recommended Reformation Resources

I finished preaching through the Reformation solas again and wanted to put together a list of recommended resources for further study, similar to the online Edwards resources list I posted after this past Snow Retreat. Unlike that list, however, I’ve also included some books that are not available to read online.

See more about the Reformation Wall


Reformation general:

Sola specific:



  • Five Solas | This is the place to start for Reformation resources on the internet.


I also preached on the Pillars and Preachers of the Protestant Reformation at the 05SR.

  1. Post Tenebras Lux: After Darkness, Light 2. Sola Scriptura: The Ultimate Authority and William Tyndale 3. Sola Fide: The Ultimate Issue and Martin Luther 4. Sola Gratia: The Ultimate Cause and Ulrich Zwingli 5. Solus Christus: The Ultimate Advocate and John Knox 6. Soli Deo Gloria: The Ultimate End and John Calvin

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