Enjoying the Process

There Is Nothing to See Here – Part Duet

The 07SR is over. Audio from Phil’s sessions and hundreds of photos will be online soon. In the meantime, here are a couple videos to keep people of the Void entertained.

Some of you remember my duet with Jaci Velasquez of Flower in the Rain from last year’s Snow Retreat. Rather than a live performance for this year’s talent show I opted to film an actual music video. So with the help of the Intern (as videographer and producer) and my wife (as bucket operator) I offer you my newest duet with Kristy Starling, Water.

Perhaps inspired by my video, the PyroManiac opted to perform on the tubing hill the next afternoon. The video is approximately 30 seconds long and provides irrefutable evidence for a future Phil Phun Phact. (For an explanation of the audio see below.)

The voice behind “son of a gun” and “why didn’t anyone tell me the moron was coming down” is none other than one28 staff leader, Jesse Martin. But contrary to what the film first suggests, Jesse was not referring rudely to our retreat speaker. Jesse, the Intern, and Ben Hanson were standing in Tubing Run #2; Jesse taking photographs and Micah filming video. Shortly after Phil departed down Tubing Run #1 a student launched himself down Run #2. Ben saw the runaway tube at the last moment and removed Micah from harm’s way, hence the jumpy video. Jesse’s providence was not so blessed. The second tube took him out at his knees and his are the feet that fly into view. So Jesse’s terms of endearment were for the kamikaze student and not for Phil after all.

If YouTube is not your thing you can download the Water Quicktime file and/or the Tubing Quicktime file.

UPDATE [4:07PM February 12]: Go Behind the Music.

UPDATE [4:45PM April 19]: See even more Behind the Music.