October 11, 2007

Miracle Mug

In July I made one purchase at our World’s for Sale. I affectionately call it my miracle mug.

The glory:


The guts:


In case you’re uncertain, the caption reads: Enjoy the miracle of each new day” to which I would add an exclamation point! Consider how many Bible stories this 10¢ cup communicates:

  • the rainbow references the flood * the through-way illustrates crossing of the Red Sea on dry ground * the clean outside and dirty inside pictures the Pharisees * the each new day” line reminds one of the morning mercies of coffee

If you think about it, it’s like a wordless cup…with words. I still pinch myself each time I use it. Perhaps one of the times I’ll pinch myself so hard that the cup will fall and shatter. And be assured, that future joy is preceded by the current joy of being able to delete these pointless photos off my iPhone.

flatfile image imported rainbow scraps

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