February 20, 2008

This Too Shall Pass


We interrupt our regularly scheduled post of substance to report this recent medical incident.

I took my first trip to the Emergency Room via ambulance Tuesday morning. On my way to work I was in so much pain that I pulled off the road. Quickly realizing that I could not continue I drove home and immediately dropped to the floor, writhing and wriggling, sweating like nobody’s business. Unable to diagnose the sure problem, my mom-in-law concluded that calling 911 was the best option and I agreed reluctantly. The EMTs arrived shortly thereafter and concluded that I should take the Aid Car to the ER. After a few hours and a CT scan the doctor concluded it was much ado about a kidney stone.

Had I known it was only a kidney stone I would not have ridden in the ambulance nor probably even visited the ER. But it makes for another good medical story as well as another large medical bill.

For those interested, my status is still in the working things out” stage. The doctor suspects this too shall pass sometime in the next hour to one week.

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