May 13, 2008

Like Being Thirsty

I’m tweaking some three year old Ecclesiastes sermons. What follows is an illustration that needs cut from it’s current position, but seems worthy of a home somewhere. So where to put it? The void is perfect.

Searching for satisfaction under the sun is like being thirsty and:

  • picking up an empty glass and trying to drink from it. * picking up a glass full of water and then realizing it was only a dream. * paying a fortune for a glass full of water then taking a drink only to realize that it’s salt water. * picking up a glass full of water when the glass shatters in your hand. * picking up a glass full of water when someone runs by and knocks it right out of your hand. * picking up a glass full of water, drinking the cool, clear, clean, crisp refreshing water, then immediately having a fatal heart attack.

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