June 12, 2008

Enjoying the Travel

In a few minutes Maggie and I are leaving for a two week trip to Ohio. Mo and Calvin are staying home this year, but I’m off to preach five messages at a church conference on the Five Points of Calvinism and then nine messages from Ecclesiastes for the same church’s youth camp.

Somehow it happened that we’re flying United again, but we’re avoiding Chicago with a layover in Philadelphia and jump to Pittsburgh. (Yes, we are actually going to Ohio). It’s still faster than driving across country.

Though I typically reserve my Twitter for meditating thoughts I’ll add some traveling updates for the interested.

UPDATE [9:10PM June 13]: The Twitter followers know we made it safely and with minimal wear and tear. I believe that’s partly due to God’s providence in not having us fly United, but a US Airways flight operated on behalf of United.

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