August 14, 2009

O For That Day


We are pilgrims on Earth and we long to be home > We were exiled in birth and wandered alone > Until Jesus the Lamb who was slain in our place > Redeemed us and claimed us His own

We have hope in the place where suffering ends > All our tears wiped away and worship ascends > Where our Savior now sits at the right hand of God > Our Defender, Redeemer and Friend

O for that day when our journey has ended > All of our hope found in Heaven’s reward > When we will have the Messiah forever > And we will dwell in the house of the Lord > Yes, we will dwell in the house of the Lord

We have dreamed of the streets that are covered with gold > Where we walk with the saints in the city foretold > King Jesus receives us as His perfect Bride > His love we’ll forever behold

We all know of the day when He’ll come to reclaim > The Earth from the Beast, cast to the flame > King Jesus, the just, the One faithful and true > Will gather His children to reign

O for that day when we’ll sing with the angels > Hallelujah, oh Ancient of Days > When we will have our Messiah forever > Offering glory and honor and praise > Offering glory and honor and praise

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