September 20, 2011

Cultures Are Incarnational

If it’s true that men become and live like who/what they worship (and God says it is, see Psalm 115:4-8), then there can be no truly secular space.

All cultures are the incarnational outworking of a religion or combination of religions. When you deny a transcendent God, this does not eliminate the need for a god at the top to make the system coherent. It just means that the applicants for the position of deity are all, to use one of Hitchen’s favorite words, mammals…If there is no God above the system, then the system is god. All societies are religious organisms, not just the ones with a religious exoskeleton…All human societies are theocracies. The only issue that confronts us is which theos we will serve. The atrocious cultures are the ones who serve atrocious gods. (Doug Wilson, God Is, 95-96)

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