Lord's Day Liturgy

Getting in Shape

Worship is dangerous, especially to the status quo and especially to our pride.

Of course, worship is inescapable. We were made to be admiring creatures, always looking for greatness to praise. We can’t avoid it; we will worship someone or something whether or not we’ve found true greatness. Worship of the true God gives meaning to life. Because we were made in God’s image, better views of Him show us more what we’re to be. As we draw near to Him and see His shape more clearly, our own lives are defined.

The dangerous part of worship comes because we are sinners and the process of conforming us includes confronting our unlikenesses. We are not in shape and, because He is eternally committed to getting us in shape, He will chisel off whole pieces, He will peel away layers, and He will sand out the rough spots.

The better and more accurate our worship, the deeper our mourning and the more painful our discomfort will be. Worship is for our good but that’s because He will not leave us alone. His Word and His Spirit will convict us, expose us, and humble us. The rest of the assembly will bring out many ways we have not arrived because we don’t yet love them as we ought; we can barely stand some of them. Men who resist confession of sin must also avoid true worship since one leads to the other.

Without Jesus we would avoid worship or at least we wouldn’t be able to worship in truth. His death dealt with our sin and His resurrection guarantees that all His brothers will become like Him. Through the Son we come to worship the Father with clarity yet without fear. Through His Spirit we are transformed in worship, grieving over our sin and glad in our Savior. Worship is dangerous and our greatest delight.