June 28, 2012

Why Is This So Hard?

Why Is This So Hard?

We’re working hard over here in our small part of the Pacific Northwest to get a [classical and Christian school][ecs] up and running this fall. Our headmaster1 returned from the [ACCS Annual Conference][accs] last week with some thoughts about the challenges of getting going.

Just like anything else with a gargantuan upside, this is going to be hard. It’s going to be hard because it’s supposed to be. We are a major threat to the enemy and to the world, and we are looking to create generation after generation of worshipers who will be dangerous weapons in the hand of our Redeemer King. God willing, they will be familiar with hard work mixed with happiness; the mindset of fallen man filtered through Scripture and the mind of God; their place in the river of Western culture and the river’s source and destination.

I’m guessing that what we have become as a society is less like a threat to Satan than it is like a warm blanket: ambivalent about religion, ignorant about history, apologetically spineless, altogether faithless.

Ambivalent, ignorant, spineless, and faithless. These are things we don’t want to be. May God help us worship and live steadfastly as those who [have overcome the evil one][overcome].

[ecs]: http://evangelcs.org [accs]: http://www.accsedu.org/Annual_Conference.ihtml?id=111716 [overcome]: http://esv.to/1J2.13-14

  1. We also like to call him the Taskmaster. Jonathan and his wife blog here.

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