Lord's Day Liturgy

Copy and Paste Communion

Those who gather around the Lord’s Table every week as we do face different temptations than those who do it once a year. A plain temptation that we face is that we would get used to it, take it for granted, fail to see it as special. Carrying out communion by copy and paste is a real danger for us.

The really real danger is that our believing might become copy and paste, that our faith might be nothing more than words copied from our Bibles to our notebooks. This is a daily temptation, not just a weekly one. So we really need to fight the temptation.

One weapon in the fight is to remember how much God wants us to have life. How eager is God for us to share life with Himself? The living Father is so eager that He sent His Son to give His flesh as true food and His blood as true drink so that those who eat and drink would live (John 6:57).

We are more in danger by not eating and drinking than by eating and drinking too often. We die if we do not believe. This weekly meal reminds us that we must keep on chewing, we must keep on believing if we want to keep on living. Consuming His flesh and blood is communing with the living God, and this meal won’t become copy and paste as long as we keep coming in living faith.