Lord's Day Liturgy

A Confession Blessing

Who gets the most benefit/blessing when we confess our sins? In other words, who do we confess our sins for?

We do confess our sins for our good. Because of the gospel, when we confess our sins, God takes away the burden of our guilt; think of the progress Pilgrim made after his burden was removed. God also gives peace to disturbed consciences. And He restores fellowship to us who broke away. We get the benefits of forgiveness and reconciliation. We sinned, we get salvation, so we confess our sins for us, right?

Yes. We do not confess for sake of our neighbor’s vindication. We’re not concerned about satisfying his desire to hear us admit that we were wrong. But the one who gets the most benefit and blessing when we confess our sins is God.

He receives glory as the law-giver. How do we know what to confess? He defines disobedience and our acknowledgement of His standard is also an acknowledgment of His authority. As the earth glorifies the sun by orbiting around the sun, we glorify God by orienting ourselves around His Word.

He receives glory as the redeemer. Where else could we go to be delivered? Who else promises to deal with our sins? He defined the bad news and gives the good news. As a doctor gets credit for curing those who come to him, God gets glory for healing those who come to Him.

So our confession of sins is part of our worship not only a preparation for worship. It does deal with the hindrance between us and Him but, as we obey and focus and trust Him, He receives honor. Be glad to know that we confess our sins for God, and He is pleased to hear us.