Lord's Day Liturgy

Our Supernatural Squeamishness

We need God to poke our supernatural squeamishness. One of the greatest, subtlest dangers of our day is the (false) assumption that every effect has a natural cause. By natural I mean a materialistic, mechanistic, impersonal energy that explains everything.

Christians are getting better at understanding God’s immanent involvement in the natural world. Things work how He wants and they work because He keeps speaking. “He upholds the universe by the word of his power” (Hebrews 1:3). We are learning how to look at all natural phenomena as a reason for thanks and praise.

But our beliefs go beyond the natural. Crazy things happen in the world God made, not things that are outside of His control, but things outside of our tidy categories that we thought would help us to pretend He doesn’t care. It’s good for us to remember that supernatural things are happening all the time.

Christians already believe crazy things, at least according to the natural man. Regardless of how you interpret Genesis 6, to be a Christian you must believe that God took on flesh. The Spirit fertilized an egg in a woman, not by taking her as a wife or knowing her like a husband, but He supernaturally grew His Son in Mary’s womb to be her son. We believe the One from and through and to Whom all things were made was laid in a trough usually used to feed the oxen.

We also believe that this God-Man’s death satisfied the Father’s divine justice against those who declared war on the God-Man. He delivered His enemies from their enmity by being crucified. Who does that? How could one death stop divine wrath?

And we believe that the Father and Son sent their Spirit to dwell inside every believer. Christian, you are spiritually alive. You are part of a supernatural story of mythic proportions. Our communion is more than shared geography or interests. Our communion is given by the Triune God. The bread and the cup cause natural and supernatural effects. The world is more than our eyes can see and the God who runs it wants to eat with you at His cost.