May 1, 2018

Bitter Would Be a Start

When it comes to the ideal marital state, the point is contentment and satisfaction that matches your condition. Are you single and satisfied? Are you married and enjoying it? Such happiness is gift.

When it comes to the ideal spiritual state, the goal is peace and fellowship with Christ and His people. Not everyone has the same gift that builds up the body. Different persons serve in different ways, but we all enjoy communion. We don’t compare talents to say who is better,” we come to the same table and share the same elements by faith.

This is where we get our identity. Here is where we learn to get along.

We live in a culture that is panicked that someone else might be getting more recognition. We are concerned about aggressions and micro-aggressions. Someone is upset that she is called single.” The label implies something is missing. Unmarried” is even worse. So what should we call her? Bitter” would be a start.

Again, Christ’s calling is the difference, and, He doesn’t give everyone the Same. God is the one who gives gifts. None of us have anything that hasn’t been given to us. More than figuring out why we should have what someone else has, we should be figuring out all the things we have to give thanks for.

The bread and the cup are provided for us, and they orient us to the one who gave Himself for us.

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