Lord's Day Liturgy

Walking among the Lampstands

In John’s vision of the Lord, he saw one like the son of man in the midst of the lampstands (Revelation 1:13). When John wrote the words of Jesus to the Ephesians, Jesus identified Himself as the “one who walks among the seven golden lampstands” (2:1). Jesus is with His body, He is among His church in her various locations. He is present. This also means that He knows what’s happening.

After identifying Himself, in every message to each of the seven churches Jesus says “I know.” He knows their endurance, tribulation, poverty, location, faith, service, reputation, and above all, He knows their works. He knows what is good; there is something good named for six of the seven. He knows what is bad; He calls five of the seven churches to repent.

I’m open to the idea that there is an angel of the church in Marysville, though we don’t have an inspired letter addressed to us. Yet by way of application we are still a lampstand, and Christ is present among us. We are a supernatural organism, an outpost of the heavenly realm. For the saved, we are filled with the Spirit of Christ. He dwells in us and among us. And He knows.

Perhaps what we need to repent of is low levels of love like the Ephesians. Perhaps it is the photo negative of Ephesians, and we need to repent of not fighting for the truth. Maybe we are compromising with the syncretistic ways of the world, and find it easier to be quiet rather than to conquer. Jesus knows our corporate problems, and He knows your heart. Make it right with Him.