Lord's Day Liturgy

Not Just Generalizations

The Lord keeps books of various kinds. He is a numbers God, Three in One. He does not go with partial percentages. His eye test matches specific totals in His mind.

He told Abram that Abram’s descendants would come back to the land of promise when “the iniquity of the Amorites is … complete” (Genesis 15:16). The Amorites would be judged according to a full list of sins.

He has statistics on the number of hairs on every head (Matthew 10:30), and the days of our lives (Job 14:5, see also Psalm 90:12).

There is a complete roll of nations, as the Lord counts people groups, and the gospel will be preached to all of them before the end (Matthew 24:14).

There is a full of amount of Gentiles who not only will hear the good news, but who will come to Christ. Then the Lord will re-graft all Israel back in (Romans 11:25-26).

There is a total number of martyrs to be killed for the Word of God and the testimony borne for Christ. I believe this is true for all the martyrs of all time (A-Z, Matthew 23:35), but especially said of those under the fifth seal (Revelation 6:9-11).

The Lord is in the heavens and He does all that He pleases. He does all the fulness of His pleasure. It is not just generalizations, it is not guesswork or good enough for government work.

Be encouraged that when Jesus said, “It is finished,” He knew how many sins He was paying for, including how many you would commit. They are all accounted for. This does not give you permission to choose sin, it gives you a reason to reckon yourself dead to sin and completely forgiven. Jesus paid it all. Your advocate with the Father knows His case.