April 21, 2021

Live Not by Lice

A couple things came together a week ago Monday that produced this exhortation. At our school a few students were identified as having some little bugs in their hair. At our men’s group meeting we had our first discussion on a new book. It led to Jonathan’s comment that we should live not by lice.

That is really funny.

Not everyone thinks that lice is funny, and neither is living in a culture that loves lies and is run by liars and is trying to control us with lies. Lice is usually some measure of disruptive, lies are always some type of destructive. But how are we going to respond, and how do we want others to respond?

Annoyed? Anxious? Aggravated? Aloof?

What if we thought of the troubles like wind, and our lives like boats. Wind could totally knock us off course. If we know how to manage the sail, though, we might catch the wind and make quicker progress, which is not to say it would be easy. (As one example, our church has grown greatly in the last 12 months, numerically and spiritually.) Or if the hull of our boat was deep and heavy enough, the wind wouldn’t matter quite as much, even if it made a mess for all the other boats in the water.

In Psalm 52 Doeg lied and killed a bunch of priests. David said that the righteous response is to see what’s happening, fear God, and then laugh at those attempting their course without God (Psalm 52:6-7).

If someone isn’t freaking out as much as you, it could mean that they are ignorant, it could mean that their fear of God runs deeper than yours. Fear not man or what man can do to you or man’s lies, or, lice. Trust in the steadfast love of God (Psalm 52:8), and laugh well.


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