Enjoying the Process

A Masterclass in Complementarianism

I grew up with my dad listening to Country music most of the hours he was awake. He always played it in the car, he always played it while he worked, and he worked at home in a room that had no door.

It turns out that my third oldest kid loves the genre. When she was a baby, sometimes the only thing that could consistently get her to stop crying was playing Country for her. Even now she prefers our local Classic Country station.

One morning driving to school we heard “Go Rest High on That Mountain” by Vince Gill. Not only did the song drum up some memories for me, it also strummed some intangible strings. I played it later for the rest of the family, and came across this version by Home Free, a group my second oldest really enjoys. That led us to this live performance with Vince Gill and Patty Loveless at the funeral for George Jones.

The song, and the situation, might make your cheeks a little wet. But if you can watch it a couple times, you might be impressed with how Patty Loveless watches the lead and supports the lead and is strong for the lead. She never steals the stage from Vince Gill, while also standing right there with him. It’s a good showing, and perhaps a great illustration.