Lord's Day Liturgy

Communion Renewal

Paul established in Romans 6 that no one has power to resist sin or seek a new master apart from being united to Christ. Then he established in Romans 7 that the law, holy and good as it is, has no redemptive power, only a revealing work of sin. So we must be dead to the law and united to another, to Christ. The branches must abide in the vine if there is to be any fruit.

What a blessing to have a weekly time not just of remembrance, but of renewal in that communion.

By analogy, a marriage covenant is made by vows, recognized by law, and consummated in the marriage bed. The vows stand until they are broken; legal union exists between the husband and wife. The marriage bed isn’t making something true that wasn’t, but it is an experienced renewal of union and intimacy.

In Christ we are not ever out of Christ. That’s the logic of spiritual reality. And our understanding of it, our appreciation of it, and our application of it can get better and be more consistent.

We are proclaiming Christ’s death until He comes, doing it in remembrance of Him. But we are actually communing with Him, as we eat and drink by faith we are renewing our minds in the realities of our union with His body and blood.