Lord's Day Liturgy

Baptized for Communion

Communion is for those who confess their faith in Jesus; His body and blood are their life. We welcome to the communion table those who are young in their faith, baptized to begin their life following Christ as His disciples.

It’s difficult to understand all the realities of our union with Christ. He is in us, we are in Him. He brings us to the Father, and the Spirit is the seal of our eternal inheritance from the Father. It takes a lifetime of learning from the Word to begin understanding the glories of our communion with God.

What strikes me in the Great Commission is the minimum level understanding at the beginning of discipleship with one’s confession of faith in baptism. A believer is baptized in “the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Spirit.” If the foolishness of the cross doesn’t get you, the ontology of the Trinity surely does. One God in three Persons belongs at the beginning.

Why? On one hand, it’s about identity. Which God do we worship? Not Ba’al, not Zeus. We’re not baptized as idolators. But isn’t it also about fellowship? From the start we’re brought into a society. We’re not alone, we’re never isolated.

This is part of the reason why regular communion as a church isn’t just good, it’s godly. It is the reason God saves sinners, to bring them to share His peace and joy.