The End of Many Books

Fast Like a Girl

by Mindy Pelz

I know I’m not a girl. I don’t have any underlying “girl power” attitude. I don’t plan to fast like a girl. But for a variety of reasons I read this book, and I’m glad I did.

Previously I’d read a book about the benefits of fasting for spiritual purposes. This is about the physical gains. That’s important, as fasting driven more by what one is giving up rather than driven by what one is gaining are different, and the motivations probably matter for longterm success.

Anyway, I have some physical problems (ha!) and maybe fasting will enable some system resets. I do also like the spiritual discipline part of it. And fasting is an attempt that requires no extra money or time. I’ve not got a lot of extra of those, so this matches my calendar and budget.

Though I finished the book today, I’ve already completed 12 intermittent fasts, the longest being 24 hours. I aim to try some still longer fasts over the next few months.

The author is so positive about fasting it almost comes across as spin at times. Maybe we all need a little more positivity. But there’s some biology to learn, some explanation of how the body reacts to various stages of starvation (ha!, she doesn’t call it that, but, I mean, that’s what it is, right?), lists of foods that help complement fasting for helping different systems in the body, a bunch of recipes, and again a lot of encouragement to give the body a little hormetic stress so that it can adapt toward a little more health.