Lord's Day Liturgy

What Is Like Our Communion?

Who is like our God? This repeated, rhetorical question expects obvious honor for only One. And, as an implication of His glorious work, who are like the people that God is making for Himself?

God does whatever He pleases. He pleases to fulfill His Word to His covenant people, and He pleases to fulfill His Word showing mercy to those who knew no mercy so that even the Gentiles might glorify God for His great mercy (Romans 15:9). As Isaiah said, the Lord has shown Himself to those who did not ask for Him (Romans 10:20). How gracious!

We who confess that Jesus is Lord and that God has raised Him from the dead are part of the offering created by the gospel of God, a sanctified offering to be acceptable to God.

And as a local church, we affirm the work of the gospel in our members. We receive their confession of faith in Christ, their profession of faith in baptism, and their participation with us around the Lord’s Table. We commit to care for them and to urge them to use their gifts, given to them by God’s grace, for the building up of the body (Romans 12:6).

What a great privilege to be the Lord’s. What is like our communion with Him and each other?