A Shot of Encouragement

A Blessed House

God has used the Scriptural teaching of three men to build the four walls of my theological house.

I have learned a LOT from the pen of saints now with the Lord, but the following are men whose hands are still at the plow.

The Lord used John MacArthur to build the first two walls, both of which are about the Bible. If I had to distinguish, I might say the first wall was about the AUTHORITY of the Bible and the second wall holds up the SUFFICIENCY of the Bible.

Then from that Bible, the Lord used John Piper (and his pointing to Jonathan Edwards) to show how truth is not complete apart from AFFECTIONS, the third wall. We must know God and LOVE God. I had gotten stuck in the doctrine without the delight, both as a Christian in my relationship with God and as a husband and pastor with my people.

And for the fourth wall the Lord used Douglas Wilson to demonstrate from the Bible that truth and affections WILL come out of our fingertips. For all that I knew about the importance of truth and love, I missed that truth and love ought to be EMBODIED. All that God says is good is GOOD, to be received with thanks (rather than avoided with suspicion) and to be stewarded with urgency and diligence (rather than excusing inactivity because “it’s all going to burn.”)

Mine is a blessed house.

If you read all the above and it was interesting to you (ha), you might enjoy this podcast where there’s related discussion.