Lord's Day Liturgy

Not Layers of Paperwork

Seasons on social media come and go a lot faster than the weather, which has it’s own benefit: if you don’t like what people are complaining about at the moment, just swipe left to see a new mob.

It’s been “The church as institution is bad” season, and I know some of you have braved the storm without even taking an umbrella. Even in Romans 16 we’ve read about churches meeting in houses; should Christians only meet in houses? Let me remind us all of two things.

First, institutions can be a blessing, even if they are regularly not, or grow up to have bad attitudes. But a dad with an attitude problem, who can’t submit to anyone else for longer than two months, who decides to have home-church for his family and a few friends, is not going to be the big blessing either. It’s easy to argue for church as Organism vs Organization, one or the other. But a virus is an organism too, and organizations win more wars than casual coffee shop conversations.

Second, the institution is not with whom you have to do (think Hebrews 4:13). No one is saved because of membership in an institution, and no one confesses his sin to the board or president. Each of us answer to the Lord (Romans 14:12).

For that matter, one thing we will answer to the Lord about is how we interacted with His Church. When Jesus said, “I will build my church,” I do NOT think He meant adding layers of paperwork. I also don’t think He meant, “Make sure there are never more than two or three gathered together in My name.“

Don’t hide among the numbers in an institution, don’t hide at home by having no one else to listen to.