Lord's Day Liturgy

Partially Right

Of course there were different groups of people responding in different ways on the day we refer to as Palm Sunday. But one thing all Israel expected was a triumphant Messiah. Was that the right expectation? It was right, but only by half.

God promised an anointed Son (think Psalm 2), a King who would defeat Israel’s enemies and restore the people in a fruitful land. This was not God’s only promise. God also promised an anointed Son, a Redeemer who would bear Israel’s heart enmity and reconcile the people to God (think Isaiah 53).

The Jews were not wrong to desire political liberty and full stomachs from productive fields under the authority of the Messiah. But they were wrong to desire all of that apart from their own personal submission to the authority of the Messiah. They had sin, they needed repentance, their worship was compromised, their zeal without knowledge.

Yes, “Hosanna (praise Yahweh!) to the Son of David! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord! Hosanna in the highest!” (Matthew 27:9). And we must receive Him as Prophet-speaking truth about our sin, Priest-offering sacrifice for our sin, and King-ruling over every part of our lives. We submit to His authority not just to fix our problems without, but to restore our souls.