The End of Many Books

The Improvement of the Mind

by Isaac Watts

I’ve wanted to read this book since 2017 when I heard George Grant talk about it at the ACCS National Conference.

The backbone of the book is: we don’t know all the things, so we should learn some more things. Improve the mind. There are a variety of ways, but the surest way NOT to improve is acting as if it’s not unnecessary.

Most of the modern man’s way is to find his strengths/likes, and quadruple down on those. Weaknesses? Let others compensate; someone else must be strong where you are weak. And to some extent, this is obvious. But it also seems to be a regular excuse.

I’ve started tweeting through some quotes and thoughts, and I do plan to continue, for my own improvement. There’s good words about learning languages, about how to read, how to take notes, how to argue (and when to stop arguing), and how to listen and learn in conversations.

Make a plan to improve your mind.

Highly recommended, even if it’s getting close to 300 years old.