The End of Many Books

The Sinking City

by Christine Cohen

The Sinking City is a cross between Peace Like a River and Pirates of The Caribbean and The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, IF the main character in any of those stories had been a teenage girl. And with all that, I enjoyed it VERY much.

This is Christine Cohen’s second novel. I liked the first one (The Winter King) and I liked this one even more. Mrs. Cohen will be speaking at our Fiction Festival about world-building as a writer, and I definitely felt like I was in the spell of her city. There were similarities to The Matrix but it was magic (not code) holding so much together, and only some, the childlike, could see it.

One thing I’d like to ask her is: what do YOU think is the climax of the story? Without maybe as many surprises as there are in Peace Like a River, resolution of one problem did not mean the END; multiple frayed ends required attention.

I usually give FIVES to books that I’d really like to start rereading immediately, so this should be more 4.7 of 5, but that rounds up, ha!