The End of Many Books

The 12 Week Year for Writers

by A. Trevor Thrall

Writing is hard enough. I can only imagine how much more hard it is to get your writing published; so well done to Mr. Thrall. To be “reviewed” by a non-published, non-peer (like me), especially if that review is less positive, might be annoying. Here we go anyway.

I read this because I had just finished (the original) The 12 Week Year, which the author references explicitly. I also feel wrong when I don’t at least try to write, and often am encouraged by books about writing. Plus, since I started my first 12 weeks five weeks ago, I thought whatever overlap there might be would work as prods and reminders.

I did get a few of those general reminders. Chapter 13 on “The Writer’s Mindset” was the most writing-centric content. But if I knew on page one what I know having finished it, I wouldn’t have bought it. The original 12WY—which I thought was good and useful— will do you well. If you can understand the ideas and plan in general (which you can), then you can understand how to plan for writing projects specifically without reading this.

3 of 5 stars