Lord's Day Liturgy

Farmers Believe It

One thing that Bible people and farming people have in common is that both know the phrase: you reap what you sow. One big difference between Bible people and farming people is that farmers typically believe it.

Bible people are like, “but God is sovereign.” And, there is truth there. In fact, that’s how we can trust that we will reap what we sow. That’s how God made things to work, and that’s why His Word reveals the principle, along with page after page of example. Planting corn doesn’t turn into rows of bananas because “God is sovereign.”

One reason we plead, or hide behind, theology is because we don’t like what we see in the field. “That’s not what I wanted.” And, while we’re here for this minute, if you are ready to be honest, are you sure it’s not what you wanted a little more?

You wanted not to be uncomfortable — at least a little more, so you didn’t ask any hard questions to your kid, and after years of not upsetting them, they are more set in their ways. See how David “had never at any time displeased [his son Adonijah] by asking, ‘Why have you done thus and so?’” in 1 Kings 1:6. So when his dad was old, Adonijah decided he should be king. You say, “That’s not what I wanted for them,” except that you didn’t take the time to sow anything different.

You wanted not to be humble — at least a little more. You maintained your authority, so you thought, by your example of always being right, never repenting to them or in front of them. So you wanted some cushion, because your pride only looks good from a distance, and that’s what you got.

If you sow humility, you will reap stronger people. If you sow repentance, you will reap the rejoicing that comes with righteousness. If you sow taking responsibility, you will reap more who do likewise. If you sow patience, you will reap peace. If you sow peace, you will reap kids who learn how not to freak out.

Could there be a tornado? Are there things that are out of your control? Of course. But so is extra sun and the right amount of rain. The question still stands: what are you sowing? And if you can see that you’ve been sowing weeds, or allowing them to grow, repent and ask God to use your weeding, too.

It is very hard to plant—to pastor, to parent, to disciple—and grow a fruitful field. By God’s grace we will reap what we sow.