The curator of tohu va bohu is Sean Kiley Higgins, hereafter in the first person singular personal pronoun.

I was born June 4th, 1974 in Ohio and grew up in Wooster, where my mom still resides.

After graduating from Triway High School, I attended Liberty University, Milligan College, Liberty again, and finally graduated from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary with my B.A. in Biblical Studies. Then I moved to Los Angeles, CA, where I enrolled at The Master’s Seminary. I graduated after four years with my M.Div.

I’ve been enjoying life with the wife whom I love, Mo, for twenty-five years. We have four kids, Maggie Reid (now) Rothenberger!, Calvin Kiley who is about to be a senior, Hallie Rae who is a freshman, and Sarah Keelah who just entered Junior High. You can read family stories and see pictures at Mo’s blog, hobbsandbean.

While attending seminary I worked in the student ministries department at Grace Community Church. I was a volunteer staff member in high school, then the Intern in junior high, then an Intern in HS, then finished my last year and a half as the JH Pastor. Then I was the Pastor of Student Ministries at Grace Bible Church for over nine years.

Currently I’m a pastor at Trinity Evangel Church in Marysville, WA. I’ve taught Logic and Latin and Rhetoric at Evangel Classical School as well as Astronomy and Greek at Comeford College.

Most importantly, I love and follow Jesus Christ the Lord.

Additionally, I’m interested in Greek, Calvinism, 24, and The Natural. I also collect medical problems, both rare and common.

Feel free to email me at You may even receive a response.

Some of the (repeatable) things I’ve been called: Toad (my first nickname, by my dad), Higgy Baby, Roy Hobbs, Knife (my security code name on bike patrol at GCC), Five (by Jonathan Sarr), The Pink Ox (by Cary Green), Brianrietta (by JSarr), The Donut Lady (also by JSarr), and Reverend Little Church (since I like to talk about “Big Church”).

Because I’m a such a social creature, elsewhere online you can: