Rightly Dividing

A Bible Study Seminar

Rightly | Dividing aims to move believers beyond personal Bible reading to Bible study. There are many useful Bible reading plans, and for that matter, much excellent material is available from good Bible teachers. But this seminar hopes to train people how to understand and depend on the Book, not only on teachers of the Book.

The mp3 audio, m4v files with my slides synced to the audio, and my notes for each session are good to go. Take whatever you want from approximately six hours of teaching, including topics such as how to prepare for study, basic principles (hermeneutics) for Bible study, how to find the point of a paragraph, and recommended tools for further study.

Session One – Making Preparations for Bible Study

Session Two – Surveying Contexts in Bible Study

Session Three – Identifying Genres in Bible Study

Session Four – Collecting Tools for Bible Study

Session Five – Embracing Paragraphs in Bible Study

Session Six – Taking the Next Steps in Bible Study