Enjoying the Process

Calvin’s Shorter Catechism

Calvin created a new shorter catechism at the breakfast table this morning. Four year olds don’t know fully, but they can know truly.

Q: Who is the boss of everything?
A: God

Q: Who is the boss of us kids?
A: Momma and Dada

Q: Who is the boss when Momma and Dada aren’t here?
A: GG and Boppa

Q: Who is the boss of my guns?
A: Dada

Bring Them Up

Church Conversation

Sitting in church last Sunday night with Calvin on my lap:

SKH: You’re doing a great job (sitting still).

SKH: I really like cuddling with you, too.

Calvin: Yeah. Some guys don’t have a lot of hair. Why some guys don’t have a lot of hair?

Bring Them Up

It’s Very Male / Female in Here

The following is an instant message I received from hobbsandbean a short while ago.

maggie leared how to chop carrots with a REAL knife today! a serrated one, so it wasn’t too sharp, but still! she did awesome. now she’s knitting. while cal sets off grenades. it’s very male / female in here.