The End of Many Books

Forsaking Israel

I haven’t read that many books about Dispensationalism. My Dispy beliefs come from a few basic definitions I’ve read and then reading the Bible (without bringing a system with me) and seeing God’s promises to Israel. This book was recommended to me by a friend, and it is great. The authors provide more than mere primer on the Millers (Premillennialism, Postmillennialism, Amillennialism), but in a way that is accessible for a lot of interested beginners. I appreciated the demonstration of how the church has read “Israel” from the early church fathers and through the Reformers, and I appreciated the explanations of how Covenant theology needs to come to different conclusions about “Israel.”

I’m holding back one star more as a personal problem, ha. I’ve come to really want more said about the fact that dispensational premillennialism insists that God’s promises are working in “human history on this fallen earth,” and yet so many Dispies are very bad dualists. We shouldn’t be, on principle (hence Kuyperianism). Anyway, I do recommend this book to get familiar with many of the terms/arguments, and I’ll be following some of the footnotes for further reading.

4 of 5 stars