The End of Many Books

Made to Stick

by Chip Heath & Dan Heath

A friend recommended this to me while he was waiting in the Emergency Room (for what turned out to be a brain bleed that kept him in the hospital for a week). I figured I should at least read his final recommendation (!), which, praise the Lord, he is recovering and it can just be a plain ol’ recommendation.

I really enjoyed it. It’s about ideas, and what makes some ideas not only better than others but also more transferable. The book provides a framework (and examples and exercises) in order to communicate well. Idea templates can be be more freeing than frustrating for creative persuasion.

The authors didn’t use the word, but it’s very much about Rhetoric, which I’m teaching as a class for the first time this year at our school. There’s a high likelihood that I make this part of my curriculum in future years.

4 of 5 stars

A Shot of Encouragement

How We Say It

In The Preacher on Preaching, Danny Akin made the point,

What we say is more important than how we say it, but how we say has never been more important.

He used Ecclesiastes 12:9-12 (especially verse 10) to emphasize that dull words are not delightful.

Other thoughts I had while listening to this message:

  • The preacher’s passion is different than the preacher’s polish.
  • If the preacher is boring because he is disinterested, that preaching is sinful.