I started posting briefly about our annual trip to the Shepherds’ Conference in 2006, did so again in 2007, as well as 2008. We’ve taken a group from our church since 2003, and each year I drive (through the night) with a group of the guys from our one28 staff for life-on-life joy. Though my MacBook Air couldn’t be thinner or lighter, really, I’ll be traveling without it for the next week. That means no new posts (I didn’t work ahead), and very little email (from my iPhone). I will Twitter, but I don’t expect anyone to care about keeping track of our travels except for my family. I’ll see some of you in a couple days in SoCal, and I’ll see the rest of you when we return.

Annual Pilgrimage

Our Tahoe full of five is about 90 miles north of Los Angeles as I write on my iPhone. I already can see the sun and taste the smog. This will be Shepherds’ Conference six for some of our one28 staff. We all agreed last night (when we departed around 7:45pm) that there’s not much better on our Christian calendar year than a week full of man singing, Scripture marinating, book buying, and black coffee drinking among friends. You’re welcome to check the Void for updates over the next few days, but don’t hold your breath, I’ll probably be busy male bonding.