February 15, 2010

Knowledge That Matters

Knowledge That Matters

Scott Adams [on the limits and benefits of others assessing our abilities][limits], from his own experience with the cartoon, Dilbert:

The two opinions about your abilities that you should never trust are your own opinions, and the majority’s opinions. But if a handful of people who have a good track record of identifying talent think you have something, you just might.

Justin Taylor’s [rewording][] for Christians:

Callings…should not discerned by the individual alone (autonomy) or everyone (democracy) but rather by good counselors (a trusted community).

[limits]: http://dilbert.com/blog/entry/knowledge_that_matters/ [rewording]: http://thegospelcoalition.org/blogs/justintaylor/2010/02/14/opinions-about-your-abilities/

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