Lord's Day Liturgy

An Edenic Divide

It’s really quite something to watch what is happening around us. Even though we are mostly a hard-working people who keep our heads down, it is more challenging to live quiet and peaceful lives when our rulers and neighbors flex their power. A governor can attempt to enforce his vision of what’s good for us and our neighbors can attempt to guilt us into sharing their fears.

This cultural divide is as old as the Garden of Eden, but there are seasons when we’re not forced to stare it in the Facebook. The divide in our nation and our state is polarizing, and whether or not this is more of a grace to us or more a removal of grace from us remains to be seen.

It could be both. I think that when God sends particular and redeeming grace, the grace which saves unrighteous men from slavery to sin and brings forgiveness and freedom, He often sends with it an increase in common grace. Common grace comes to us in good things given by God to all men, not just repentant or thankful men. Common grace increases among a people where there is much particular grace at work because practicing the Golden Rule becomes a benefit overall.

What is certainly visible among us is a decline in common grace at least in terms of men who determine not to know what is natural and what is perverse. The complexities of the coronavirus response has brought this into relief, and it is not pretty. Our appeals to shared humanity and morals and life is less appealing.

But, Christians, do not lose heart. “The saying is trustworthy and deserving of full acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners” (1 Timothy 1:15). There is no liar that cannot have his lies exposed and be conquered by the truth of Christ. There is no oppressor that cannot be delivered from his sinful abuse of authority by the gospel. There is no rebel that cannot be redeemed and reconciled to his Maker. There is no blind man that cannot be made to see. There is no dead man too dead to be born again.

Let us proclaim the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. He dispels illogic and deceit and conspiracies and incompetence. Link wars will not take away hearts of stone, but we know the God who gives hearts of flesh. We need more than new political representatives raised up, we need God’s grace that delivers men from His wrath.