Lord's Day Liturgy

Sundays as the Start for Strength

During our church family meeting last Sunday evening I mentioned some of the new colors we’re planning for our trellis. By trellis I’m referring to our ministry programs, the scheduled and organized ways to serve the body, and by colors I mean the fresh plans for teachings and readings and discussions in the meetings we already have.

Lord willing, we’ll continue studying through Romans during our Lord’s Day worship. On Sunday evenings the pastors plan to preach through particular subjects in Proverbs. To complement that, the men will read Proverbs for our Men to Men discussions. The ladies for Titus 2 will start the year reading That Hideous Strength and follow that in the new year with How to Be Free from Bitterness. We’ll plan another parenting seminar in February.

One thread between all those is strength. Romans builds strength of faith, Proverbs teaches strength in wisdom, Lewis’ book is a riff off the wrong strength, a hideous strength, which is a poetic reproof over the Tower of Babel project which was intended to be a sign of man’s strength without the Lord (Genesis 11:4).

This is one of the reasons we assemble on the Lord’s Day. The first day of the week is Sunday, and the first thing we do is confess our glad dependence on the Lord. We fear Him, that is wisdom. We trust Him, that is faith. We look to His joy, that is our strength (Nehemiah 8:10).

The truth is that He is Lord. Here is our opportunity to be reminded of it, to rejoice in it, and to get ourselves in line.