Lord's Day Liturgy

The Government of Stability

We’ve been reading Brave New World in Omnibus the last couple weeks, and eww, and ouch, and it’s provoked some thoughts for our communion mediation. The goal of the gospel is more than stability, it is unity. While it’s true that those who fear the Lord will be like well-rooted trees, ready for both storms and dry seasons, salvation establishes more than individual calm.

The State wants control in order to (attempt to) enforce stability. But this is built on the false image of the State as savior. And even if such salvation was possible, the savior is only one kind. This is a form of unitarian monotheism (one god in one person, though it doesn’t require a king or president, just the belief in The Government), and that god always reigns by power and coercion.

What God the Father Almighty wants, and His Son Jesus Christ purchased, and the Holy Spirit applies, is our unity. As we worship the Three-in-One, we learn to enjoy communion with them and like them. This is supernatural. It cannot be manipulated. And it is driven by not by fear or by distraction but by eyes-wide-open love. We were weak, ungodly, rebellious, and unlovely. God didn’t deny our condition. His work of reconciliation is more glorious because He didn’t.

Let us not be satisfied with less than communion purchased by the God-man through His bloody death on the cross. At this table we are reminded yet again of the goal, as well as the grace. We are being built into one body, not because we are the same, or because we lose our identity, but because our identity includes being united with a bigger body in Christ Jesus our Lord.