The End of Many Books

A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23

by Phillip Keller

If I’ve read this book before, I can’t remember when. I can remember thinking I should have read it before. Psalm 23 has to be one of the all-time top five songs of God’s people. And as a metaphorical shepherd, why wouldn’t I have wanted to see how the Lord shepherds His sheep?

The ladies at our church are in process of reading this for a couple upcoming discussions. So it was a good time for me to go through it, too.

As one who tries to be on the easy side of being edify-able, I was edified by the book. As one who is not a literal shepherd, I learned some things about the process and the dangers. As one who cares about exegesis, I was less satisfied; sometimes two things refer to the same thing, sometimes the same thing refers to multiple and even opposite things. And yet, the overall effect was one of increasing my thankfulness for the Lord as my Shepherd, and that’s what I want.

3 of 5 stars