The End of Many Books


by Tim Grover

I read Grover’s previous book, Relentless, before “The Last Dance” documentary came out during the lockdown months of ’20. I rooted for the 90’s Bulls, and for Michael Jordan in particular since I watched the 1982 NCAA championship when he played at UNC. That’s the first basketball game I remember watching on TV, and I’m wearing a UNC sweatshirt as I type this.

Anyway, Relentless had a number of stories about MJ, and Grover is interviewed a couple times in the “Dance” episodes. This new book, Winning, references more of those stories and adds much more about the mindset and commitments of the late Kobe Bryant.

I don’t remember where I heard about Winning, and I wouldn’t put this in my top ten list of necessary reads, and yet we were having some conversations at home about competition and not holding back and doing the things other people aren’t willing to do. Winning fits.

If you’re looking for a little competitive boost via basketball stories (and don’t mind some language) then this book is a win.

3 of 5 stars