Lord's Day Liturgy

Sharing in the From-Through-To-Him One

Not that we are surprised, but we should be encouraged, that Christ is the superlative example of all the gifts mentioned in Romans 12:6-8. We considered that all the endowments are in Him, the “fulness” is His, but we can actually go item by item in the list.

Jesus is the great and greatest prophet (Luke 24:19). No one ever spoke like Him, or revealed the Father’s will like Him. Jesus Himself is revelation, the Word of God.

Jesus is the most humble and most loving servant (Philippians 2:7). He lowered Himself, He washed feet, He went hungry and went out of His way to do unto others what they could not do for themselves.

Jesus is the truth, and the most clear Teacher of the truth (John 3:2). As for exhortation, He urged men to repent and believe; He admonished sinners and disciples to obedience.

Jesus has spent more than any other, doing miracles to give bread, giving Himself to salvation, generous and lavish and uncontaminated. Jesus leads, He rules. His mercy is glad, and He does not make us feel bad that we need it.

He ascended to the Father, which is why we eat and drink “until He comes.” And He’s given gifts to the church, to His body, that each part would work properly and that the body would grow and build itself up in love. We share in the From-Through-To-Him One, the Head of the body (Colossians 1:15-18), who made peace by the blood of His cross, even at the Lord’s Table together right now.