Lord's Day Liturgy

The Early Stages

It does not get old to welcome fresh communicants to the Lord’s Table. It does not get old to welcome familiar communicants either. It does not need to get old, because we are new creations. It does not need to get old, because the Father is not tired of glorifying His Son and His Son’s work of reconciliation.

We share Christ, we share His death and resurrection, we share His body and blood, we share eternal life. Our communion is with Him by faith, and our communion is with His body, individual members are part of one.

When we call this a feast we are not playing word games. Jesus instituted the Supper while celebrating the Passover feast, and Jesus is our Passover lamb (1 Corinthians 5:7). Though the portions here are not large, our heart posture is enlarged. An appetizer isn’t fake food, it’s just good food in the early stages. There’s more to come.

So with our communion: there is more to come, especially when Christ comes. This is not a figurative feast, though it is spiritual as well as substantive, and it’s only the foretaste of the feast of heaven.