The End of Many Books

The Shepherd’s Life

by James Rebanks

I share a job title with James Rebanks and yet we do very different work. He’s a shepherd, but the sheep he tends have four legs, and he did not intend this book for metaphoric application. 

Nevertheless, I read it a second time. I’m maybe just a bit less smitten with it than eight years ago, but the earthy, seasonal, relentless, and generational work parts continue to have good effect on my affections. I read it only on Sunday mornings while I got my body and blood moving to be ready for ministry to our assembled flock. 

Here are his three rules of shepherding:

“First rule of shepherding: it’s not about you, it’s about the sheep and the land. Second rule: you can’t win sometimes. Third rule: shut up, and go and do the work.”

He wouldn’t say it this way, but, that’ll preach.

5 of 5 stars